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Graphic: WPTZ's Champlain 2000
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Champlain 2000 Special Reports

Champlain 2000

Award Winning Champlain 2000!...
- North American Lake Management Assoc. (NALMS) Technical Excellence Award
- VT Associated Press 1st Place Award for "Target Mercury"
- NY Associated Press 2nd and 3rd Place Awards
- EPA Region 2 Environmental Quality Award
- NYSDEC Region 5 Media Award
- EMMY Nominated
- 2 Regional Edward R. Murrow Awards
- Vermont Governor's Award for Environmental Excellence in Pollution Prevention
Champlain 2000 Retires: WPTZ aired its last Champlain 2000 news story on September 13th, 2004. The Lake Champlain Basin Program is thrilled to have been a partner with WPTZ and Key Bank on this long-running and award-winning series. WPTZ will kick off a whole new series of stories covering the Champlain Valley in October 2004. We look forward to partnering on this new series. Stay Tuned!

About Champlain 2000

Champlain 2000 was a partnership among WPTZ NEWS CHANNEL 5 the Lake Champlain Basin Program and KeyBank. Champlain 2000 focused on our environment and quality of life, people and projects that protect them, and the actions and issues that threaten them. Champlain 2000 aired on the 6 o'clock news on Mondays from May 1999 until September 2004.

The LCBP agreed to help Champlain 2000 viewers learn more about issues facing the Lake Champlain Basin by providing additional information to the Champlain 2000 series on this web site. Visit the links on the left to read selected stories.

Nine half-hour Champlain 2000 Special Reports were also aired.

Visit the links at the top and bottom of this page for more information about Lake Champlain and the LCBP.

PLEASE NOTE: The views expressed on WPTZ NEWS CHANNEL 5's series "Champlain 2000" do not necessarily reflect the position of the Lake Champlain Basin Program or the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

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